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JLM Measurz™

Enterprise Energy Management

Measurz is a cloud-based software system designed to provide JLM’s customers with an enterprise energy management platform for making informed choices and realize savings through energy generation and conservation techniques.


Measurz acts as a user interface and data collection hub for all JLM’s products.
Measurz Energy Storage Toolkit (EST) is a module of Measurz. By offering a versatile energy modelling and monitoring system, it provides users with an environment to create and study cost savings opportunities using energy storage and renewable energy technologies.

Our Zefr wind turbines, Gyezr solar thermal systems, residential and commercial energy storage systems, in addition to all other energy products manufactured by JLM, are connected to Measurz and can be controlled and monitored via the Internet.



Grid Synergy

Linez and Loadz

Achievement Optimization

Measurz is a versatile energy modeling and monitoring system. It provides users with the ability to create and study cost saving opportunities using energy storage and renewable energy technologies.

In particular, optimizing demand shaving, demand management and energy storage systems require sophisticated analysis. The experts at JLM Energy designed Measurz to provide accurate cost analysis in an easy to understand format.

In a business setting, Measurz has the ability to scale and be applied across multiple buildings located around the world. Real-time reporting on the actual system empowers businesses to clearly demonstrate measurable energy management returns in real-time.


Measurz is a single software platform to analyze or track our entire suite of alternative energy products.

Our focus is on usability, efficiency and meaningful operational insight to the performance of our products.JLM Energy Measurz Cloud

Using a Cloud enabled Web Application allows us to offer compatibility on a broad spectrum of systems and devices, via interfaces that nearly everyone has access to, and is comfortable with. We capture every last byte of data possible, maximizing available intelligence and insight, subsequently strengthening and improving our ability in our monitoring and reporting software.

Cutting Edge Web Application Development

Custom MVVM Application Architecture [re: Google], Proven Open Source Programming Languages, [Facebook, Twitter, etc], Industry standard Bcrypt encryption of user data. Non-Blocking I/O Socket Server, NGinx + Node.js Connect for static assets, Redis RAM Cache – [very fast]. Load Balancing, SAN, CDN – redundancy – Scalable Network Architecture plan… Publish model ensures stable version is always current. [dev, build, stage, and finally www]

We’ve built this system from the ground up to be fast, secure, powerful, and stable.

No Software to install

Cloud based software is available anytime, anywhere you have web access. We set up your account and hand you the keys. ​Learning curves are shorter and adoption rates are higher.

Always Up to Date

You are always working with the very latest stable software and hardware. Servers, storage and system software are upgraded routinely.