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Self-Generation Grid

Gridz is a utility-scale energy harvesting, monitoring, and distribution system. It is capable of optimally harvesting energy from renewable energy sources such as PV solar, wind turbines, etc., storing this energy in batteries and then redistributing the energy flow to specified loads in a manner that optimizes the energy consumption of the system. It is, in other words, and energy flow optimizer.

Gridz Commercial Energy Systems Provide:

Demand Charge Reduction

Reduce the high cost of demand charges and avoid escalating peak monthly rates.

Provide Backup Power

Critical power applications, essential loads, etc.

Demand Response Implementation

Software automatically monitors and controls energy consumption.

Voltage Sag Protection

Power quality problem facing industrial customers.

JLM Energy Solution

Utility companies calculate electricity charges for businesses based on total kilowatts consumed and the speed these kilowatts were used. So called “demand charges” can account for up to 50 percent of a monthly energy bill. At JLM Energy, we can help you significantly reduce utility charges. How? Our smart software analyzes your historical energy consumption trends and then calculates the exact combination of storage and renewable energy needed to limit energy and demand charges. You can rely on stored energy during peak times to lower your bill or feed excess energy back to the grid at a constant rate over the course of the day.

We design our systems from the ground up to be an integrated renewable energy + storage solution using our proprietary technology, “Symmetric DC Regulation.” Our unique offering is a cost effective approach that enables you to control how your resources interact with the grid, as well as how they interact with each other.


Complete energy ecosystem
Energy management
Microgrid enabled energy independence
Shaves peak energy usage and demand charges
Provides backup power
Protects valuable equipment

Saves money
Optimizes energy use
May be eligible for Federal tax credits
Reduces environmental impact
Uses energy from solar, wind turbines and grid
Affordable and scalable

How am I charged for electricity?

Demand Charges: Based upon rate of energy consumption

Meter records highest demand for energy during a 15 minute interval
Establishes a charge which is assessed for the entire month
Allows utility to offset cost of having energy available for peak usage periods
Measured in kilowatts (kW)

Energy Consumption Charges: Quantity of energy consumed

Demand in kW x duration hours = consumption
Consumption is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh)

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Golf Courses
RV Parks
Sports Complexes
Hospitality / Casinos

Community Centers

Gridz-CutawayIndividually Designed and Manufactured

Gridz systems are custom designed and manufactured to your specifications. Gridz is the only system of  its kind capable of seamlessly integrating renewable energy, the power utility grid and energy storage on a single platform.


The Gridz energy storage system is a customized solution that works in harmony with solar power, wind power, the conventional grid and generators to cut your utility bill each month. Energy is most expensive during peak demand hours. Gridz optimizes the way your business uses power within the budget you establish. The smart system automatically shifts your energy source from the utility company to your storage system when energy usage accelerates and peaks.

With our unique Measurz software, you can monitor in real-time how much energy you are using, how much you are buying from the utility and how much energy your renewables are producing. Measurz automatically draws from the batteries or the grid, based on what is most efficient for your business.

Reduce your dependence on your utility company and prepare for the savings that follow.


What is a one-line diagram?
A one-line diagram is a simplified version of the electricity flow in three-phase power systems.


The following Gridz one-line diagrams depict systems designed for specific purposes. What follows are brief descriptions of each intended application and the diagrams.

*If you would like to read more about Gridz applications, please download our Gridz Applications white paper.



The most common application for Gridz systems is demand shaving. Demand shaving helps businesses to shave peak power use and significantly decrease utility bills.


Gridz can also be used for PV smoothing, the process of exporting excess solar energy back to the grid at a steady rate. Microgrid enabled systems can continue to operate off the grid during blackouts.



Gridz systems are custom designed, built, and tested in our California-based laboratory before being deployed in the field. JLM uses computer design techniques to create reliable, compact, and detailed systems for operations with limited space. The figure below shows a model for our 40ft Gridz container, a complete, pre-built energy ecosystem that includes battery racks, all electrical wiring in electrical metallic tubing (EMT), and is Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant for over the road, air, and ocean transportation. All containers are insulated using polyisocyanurate insulation boards and radiant barriers to protect the system from various environmental conditions. Customers can be assured that their pre-tested and pre-built energy ecosystem will arrive safely and ready for installation.