• Energizr 200

JLM Energy Energizr 200

Renewables + Energy Storage + Energy Management Software = Savings

Energizr 200 is the complete energy storage and energy management solution for grid-tied residential applications. Energizr-200 uses JLM’s Symmetrical DC Regulation (SDCR) to bring together solar power and energy storage to reduce residential energy expenditure.


Declare your energy independence with Energizr 200.JLM Energy Energizr 200 Products

  • Complete energy ecosystem
  • Efficient energy management
  • Smart home thermostat control
  • Monitors your monthly electricity bill
  • Tracks appliance energy consumption and system battery charge
  • Remotely controls appliances
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to purchase energy from the utility company
  • Uses safe Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries
  • Designed and built in the United States
  • Cloud-based web interface for real-time energy monitoring

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Grid Synergy

Linez and Loadz


The Energizr-200 energy storage system is a customized solution that works in harmony with solar power and the conventional grid to cut your utility bill each month. Energy is most expensive during peak demand hours. Energizr-200 optimizes the way you use your power within the budget you establish. The smart system analyzes your energy usage habits and makes efficiency recommendations. So small lifestyle changes, like adjusting what time of day you run the dishwasher, can make a big impact.

With our unique Measurz software, you can monitor in real-time how much energy you are using, how much you are buying from the utility and how much energy your solar is producing. Measurz automatically draws from the batteries or the grid, based on what is most efficient for your lifestyle.

Reduce your dependence on your utility company and prepare for the savings that follow.


Energizr-200 equipped to use an external inverter to regulate the interaction between the system batteries and the installed solar panels. We call this Symmetrical DC Regulation. This adjusts the amount of power that is exported to the grid from the home solar system and the batteries without going through a power conversion device.

When the batteries are fully charged, the inverter transfers all available solar power to the grid. For customers with net metering, utility companies purchase this excess solar energy. During peak energy consumption hours, particularly when utility tariffs call for demand or time-of-use (TOU) charges, Energizr-200 automatically shifts the home’s energy source to batteries and enables consumers to avoid additional charges.

The procedure that Energizr-200 uses to know when to store energy and when to send it to the grid is streamlined through a process called automated demand response through openADR Alliance. This process serves as a secure link between utility companies and energy consumers, and it provides real-time data to Energizr-200 so it can efficiently maximize your savings.

Battery Technology

Energy storage has become increasingly essential for smart energy management at home, and with that is also a need for reliable batteries. We considered three important features when we chose Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries for Energizr 200: safety, longevity, and environmental impact.

Safety: LiFePO4 batteries have a proven track record of maintaining safe temperatures and avoiding overheating.

Longevity: These batteries are long-lasting with 2000-5000 cycles, or 15-17 years.

Environmental Impact: There are no hazardous materials such as cobalt and chromium, chemicals that are known to cause cancer. Without these materials, it is easier to safely dispose the battery at the closure of its lifecycle, making it a more environmentally friendly option.


Storage Capacity:

5.2 kWh to 20.8 kWh

Inverter and Solar Capacity (kW):

3.8, 5.2, 6.2, 7.6, 8.2

  • Field upgradeable
  • NEMA-3R Outdoor installation
  • Integrated support for smart thermostats
  • Integrated support for real-time whole-house power measurement
  • Integrated support for real-time control of loads
  • Communications: WiFi and/or Modbus RTU
  • Optional on-board charger: 1kW or 2 kW
  • Optional 4.4 kW off-grid capability with built-in support for an external transfer switch