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Energizr brings together three major components of an energy system in a single package: The power utility grid, renewable energy sources (Wind and PV) and energy storage.

In situations where the grid is available, the renewable resources are used to charge the system batteries and then the excess renewable energy is used for net metering. When the grid is unavailable, Energizr uses the energy stored in the batteries to power local electrical loads and at the same time ensure that the PV or wind power generated is used to recharge the batteries. If the grid is unavailable and the batteries are fully charged, the renewables are controlled to prevent the batteries from overcharging.

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Energizer can be configured to meet a myriad of commercial and non-commercial energy needs. It’s primary function is to reduce grid dependency by storing excess energy generated by Zefr turbine arrays and Solarz PV panels in order to create a more reliable renewable energy electrical grid.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

  • Renewable energy systems are active
  • Grid is disconnected

On-grid Power Saving

  • Renewable energy systems are active
  • Grid is connected

Standby Charge

  • Renewable energy systems are not active
  • Grid is connected

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User Interface Features

  • Designed to operate seamlessly with JLM’s Zefr and Solarz products
  • Simple, single-button turn-on and turn-off procedures
  • Equipped with all measurement capabilities for measurement of AC and DC voltages, current and power levels
  • Capable of running in four modes:

1. Grid-based system with battery backup
2. Off-grid system with PV and wind
3. Integrated grid, renewable and battery backup
4. Provides instantaneous battery backup

  • Creates a seamless renewable system to eliminate or minimize dependence on the power utility grid
  • Measurz-compatible for seamless installation and monitoring

Energy Interface

  • 240VAC grid input used for charging system batteries (equipped with a 30A breaker)
  • 240VAC grid output used for powering local essential loads (equipped with a 30A breaker)
  • 240VAC input from renewable source (Grid-tie inverter required) (equipped with a 30A breaker)
  • DC battery connectors for storing or using the battery (up to 100A at 48VDC)

Communication Interface

  • Optically-isolated Ethernet port for wired Internet connectivity
  • Optional Wi-Fi Interface
  • Optional CDMA or GPRS cell interface
  • Optically-isolated RS-485 port
  • Optional 915 MHz wireless radio designed to interface directly with Zefr wind turbines
  • FCC Part 15 compliance
  • Customizable communication and controls algorithms
  • Designed to interface directly with JLM’s SGB communication platform

Signal Interface

  • 3-pin, opto-isolated JLM wind anemometer interface
  • 2 optically-isolated digital inputs
  • 2 optically-isolated digital outputs
  • 2 external relay drivers for interfacing with generator starters
  • Battery temperature sensor connector

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