JLM Energy Gyezr™

Commercial Grade Solar Thermal Collectors

Gyezr is an innovative, light-weight and low-profile solar water heating system. Equipped with a Micro-Controlled Array Thermal System (MATS), Gyezr is easy to install, architecturally attractive and one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to harness the sun’s energy.


JLM Energy’s Micro-Controlled Array Thermal System (MATS)

  • Gyezr is the first solar thermal collector designed with key commercial requirements in mind: Reliability, Scalability and Flexibility.
  • The temperature of each channel in Gyezr is monitored by a wireless micro-controller.
  • Each micro-controller is self-powered using energy harvesting technology.
  • The micro-controller wirelessly communicates real-time data about the systems performance and well-being to a centralized internet based system.
  • If over or under temperatures are sensed by any of the Gyezr collectors in the system, the computer actuated drain back system will take steps to protect the system.
  • MATS Technology also makes Gyezrs installation completely wireless, which gives the system the versatility needed to handle complex commercial projects.
  • Generates hot water directly from the sun

Why Solar Thermal?Gyzer_info

  • Generates hot water directly from the sun
  • 30 year life expectancy


A typical system of 26 Gyezr solar collectors will save you more than 88 MWhrs of electrical energy per year. Depending on the cost of electricity, the savings could be as high as $25,000. It will also reduce CO2 emissions by more than 120,000 lbs. per year, saving more than 7,200 trees from absorbing those CO2 emissions.

Thermal Collector Specification

JLM Energy Gyezr Specifications

Collector Type: Glazed Flat Plate
Gross Surface Area: 20 sq.ft.
Dimensions: 144” x 20” x 3”
Dry Weight: 67 lbs.
Fluid Capacity: 0.5 Gallons
Frame: Aluminum
Piping: 0.5” Copper
Certification: SRCC OG-100

JLM Energy Gyezr Photos

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