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The link collection should help you study how well wind generation of electricity will work in your location, and lead you to oodles of money and tax incentives for wind turbine purchases.

A Great Wind Map

This wind map by NREL is a good source for accurate wind speed averages. Your conditions may vary based on elevation, trees, or other wind interference by nearby structures. Actual use of an anemometer may be necessary to supplement your plans, but this map is based on wind stations all over America. Click Here.

measure your wind online

The Swift site provides a way to analyze your exact location. Click on one of the above links to analyze your particular area’s wind.  This tool drills down to the street, buildings and trees that will affect your wind generation.

Find Your Location on a Wind Map for an Actual Estimate of Production

This site will give good general information on your site and includes a power production estimator. Click Here.